Comprehensive Data Synchronisation Data

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Comprehensive Data Synchronisation Data

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New, Comprehensive Data Synchronisation with display status, reasons of failure and more

As part of our initiative to provide you with the best experience in data transfer, the Dashboard Report-a one-stop report for the synchronisation process-has been improved for better visibility and insight. Now, you can easily identify which Point-of-Sale information is pending; the IT department at Head Office gets control over which store is restoring backup, preventing misuse of the system... in other words you now have access to simplified data consolidation and store data management.

The Data sync dashboard report will also display Close and Open status for the day after last synchronisation, while easing troubleshooting by allowing managers to get to the root cause of data transfer failure.

Advanced Stock Tracking...Now enhanced
Transfer of data is a regular task in retail operations. Shoper 9 sets new standards in what was a time-consuming process related to import of masters from Head office at POS locations, saving time for the retailer by optimizing the import process.