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Dedicated Customization

At Glowips we work for your enterprise empathically, this allows us to settle with nothing but the most suitable and efficient solutions .

We are always willing to provide the best we have , Our Team’s suggestions , Our Inputs , Our feedback will immensely solve the most complex matters in accounting.

1. Taxation

2. Payroll

3. Stocks

4. Remote systems

5. Synchronization

Dedicated Customization is immensely suited to provide a complete solution to any issue in the financial management of the organization. This type of Customization is the troubleshooter to all industry types. In Dedicated customization, we work on your enterprise's project considering gravity of the mismanagement and providing the best output.

This targets the specific requirement as we conclude after understanding the complete scenario. It will be evident that through dedicated customization, we can bring about a level where your Tally Software is customized to such a extent so as to provide the best output you may desire.